Dr.Kumar Babu

Personal counseling

Personal counseling helps you to expand your achievements. It helps you to enjoy a more satisfying and complete life style. With the support of a personal counselor you can live up to your maximum potential.

The best example for personal counseling is that of the personal coaching which an athlete undergoes to improve his performance.

Personal counseling helps to clarify your values and guides you to set your goals in alignment with your values so that you enjoy a level of success in your life which is deeply satisfying.

Personal counseling changes the problems you face in your life in to challenges which can help you to advance in your life.

Personal counseling can help you achieve significant results in the following areas:

Physical health:

  • Achieving and maintaining your ideal body weight
  • Increasing your physical fitness
  • Learning self hypnosis
  • Techniques for relaxation

Emotional health:

  • Effectively managing your anger
  • Improving your self confidence
  • Developing a positive mental attitude
  • Removing your negative thoughts

Spiritual health:

  • Finding your ultimate purpose
  • Connecting with your higher level of consciousness
  • Learn Meditation which is natural and effortless
  • Becoming valuable to others

Personal counseling is done on one to one to basis in absolute confidentiality. You can choose to do it in person or over phone by prior appointment. You can also opt for email counseling. You can get the complete details about the counselor by clicking on the about me link.