Dr.Kumar Babu

Marriage counseling

Marriage brings two people together. It is supposed to give each of the partners a sense of belonging, companionship, security, stability and happiness. Marriage counseling ensures this.

With Marriage counseling we explore the idea that each partner may have different habits, values, desires and ideas about the ideal life.

Marriage counseling revolves around a vital point that for a marriage to be successful both partners should work at it. Communication and understanding are essential.

Marriage counseling reveals that difference of opinion bound to occur between partners. It has to be managed effectively. If not tensions develop over a period of time and can wreck the marriage.

Marriage counseling helps you to realize that attention and appreciation are the two channels which make the marriage happier and deeply satisfying.

Marriage counseling can help you enormously to solve the existing problems with your partner

Marriage counseling gives you the much needed support to understand your partner more completely

Marriage counseling gives you the vital knowledge to understand the needs and wants of your partner more thoroughly

Marriage counseling helps you to create common goals which enhance the quality of life in the family.

Marriage counseling is done for couples by our professional counselors with man to man and woman to woman sessions inter spread with combined sessions with utmost confidentiality.

Marriage counseling also addresses the issue of compatibility and sexual problems.

You will find that Marriage counseling helps you to build your self esteem and cement a very friendly and loving relationship with your partner.

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