Dr.Kumar Babu

Child education counseling

Many children with normal intelligence perform poorly in their examinations.

There are many reasons for this. Children get easily distracted from their studies. Television watching, video games, internet browsing and play activities are the main distractions.

Another reason is the dull and dreary way in which the lessons are prepared and the monotonous way in which the lessons are taught in the school.

As a parent you may be well aware that there is nothing wrong with the child's intelligence as evidenced by his or her enormous fund of general knowledge. Yet when the exam papers are given it is disheartening to see the child scoring poor marks.

Tempers get ruffled when you start teaching your child at home. Teaching session ends with tears and frustration both for you and your child.

There is no need to lose heart. Child education counseling can help you to make your child perform much better academically.

There is a scientific way to learn. There are specific techniques to improve concentration and comprehension. Memory can be strengthened following advanced neuro-psychological methoeds.

Within twelve one-hour sessions you can find significant improvement in the academic performance of your child.

These techniques can be learnt by you and further follow up can be done by you at home.

Apart from these there are specific learning disorders which can affect the child's school performance. Our highly qualified and trained clinical psychologist can diagnose these disorders and offer remedial teaching methoeds.

You can contact us in person or by telephone or email to discuss the problems faced by your child. Please click on the contact us link to get all the details.

Together we can make the future very bright for your child.