Dr.Kumar Babu

Child behavior counseling

  • My child is behaving aggressively
  • He/she talks back to me every time I tell him/her something
  • He/she is disobedient
  • He/she is hyperactive
  • He/she tells lies even for small things and for no reason
  • He/she is excessively shy
  • He/she appears pre-occupied and withdrawn
  • He/she does not mingle with others
  • He/she is just not sociable
  • He/she steals money
  • He/she gets frequent complaints regarding misbehavior from the school
  • He/she constantly bullies the younger one
  • He/she frequently injures him/herself
  • He/she keeps bad company
  • I suspect that my son smokes/drinks
  • I am unable to mange my son/daughter
  • He/she behaves irresponsibly
  • He/she throws temper tantrums frequently
  • He/she neglects personal hygiene
  • He/she spends too much time behind closed door
  • I am not able to communicate with him/her
  • He/she refuses to go to school

These are the few complaints we hear often from parents whose children suffer from behavioral disorders.

If counseled early we can definitely manage this problem successfully. If not many serious disorders of conduct may follow.

Our counselors are very much experienced in this field with an experience of nearly thirty years.

We are here to help you out of this problem. Please feel free to contact us either in person or by email. Click on the contact us link to get all the details.