The heart of mantra is letters. The heart of all letters is Siva. This is a quotation from Sarvavira Bhattaraka, a scripture belonging to the Kashmir Saiva philosophy.

Many such quotes are read by us quite frequently. If we ponder over these quotes a wealth of knowledge and experience can be garnered to improve the quality of our lives.

This quote deals with the nature of thoughts. Thoughts are nothing but spoken words with the audio muted.

You can check it out yourself. Mentally pronounce your name and check out if you can hear it in your mind.

This inner ear which listens to your thoughts is called as awareness. That is the true subject in all. We falsely create a pseudo self in our thought patterns.

This awareness is called prajna and Rig Veda Mahavakya says: Prajnanam Brahma. Awareness is God. The God which people seek outside themselves is actually inside, very much doing the search and simultaneously being aware of it.

This awareness is formless. It is changeless. It is eternal. You can experience it instantaneously. That is the real You

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