Meet Dr.Kumar Babu

Dr.C.Kumarbabu MD; Ph.D; DPM has a rich experience of 30 years of counseling. He held the post of Reader in Psychiatry in Govt.Stanley Medical College and was a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Govt.Stanley Medical College Hospital, Chennai. He is also a corporate consultant in Stress management.

Welcome to Counseling

Success in your life is achieved by fully utilizing the opportunities and not by merely solving the problems. Counseling sessions help you to maximize your resources and convert the problems in to challenges. Counseling can show you the way to win these challenges and make the daily life more fulfilling and satisfying. Counseling is actually a success coaching. You can prove this to your self by contacting us for an introductory session. You can contact us on 91-9884085568 or send an email to for further details.